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  รู้จัก Sesame Oil กันเถอะ / น้ำมันงา


Ayurveda Sesame oil
(pharmaceutical grade) in all AromaEssence products

  • Ayurveda
  • Cold-pressed
  • Natural
  • Organic
  • Pure

Ayurveda Sesame Oil based products by YOUTHING STRATEGIES™


          Sesame oil softens, hydrates and rejuvenates the skin of every part of every area of the body. You'll look younger, feel better and be healthier with a daily all over sesame oil self-abhyanga. To learn how click here.

          YOUTHING STRATEGIES™ Ayurveda sesame oil is the purest, organic, cold pressed sesame oil available. It is pharmaceutical grade oil.

          Why Ayurvedia? The protocols we use to prepare this oil for the skin were developed over, literally, four thousand years of Ayurveda healing. We know they are not only safe, but also the most effective processes known.

          Why ORGANIC? Commercial oils, grown by agribusiness, use all the agricultural poisons necessary to produce the largest crop. There are no molecules of those poisons in ORGANIC OIL.

          Why COLD PRESSED? Commercial oils are extracted with strong petroleum based solvents and heat to 450 degrees F. Such heat changes the excellent monounsaturated (oleic acid) fats to trans fats which are poisonous to the body. There are no molecules of solvent and no trans fatty acids in our pharmaceutical grade ayurveda sesame oil.

Pharmaceutical grade AYURVEDA SESAME OIL is the base oil for all AromaEssence ™ Sesame Oil products.

Sesame Oil is the very best natural conditioner for the skin. When you rub it on, it doesn't stop at the skin the way other oils and creams do. Sesame Oil penetrates to the very marrow of the bone. On the way it gathers oil soluble toxins and takes them into the blood stream to be eliminated by the body as waste. It also neutralizes oxygen radicals, which are thought to be one of the major causes of aging.

Inflammatory processes from body insults and from natural and environmental toxins cause skin to look old, leathery, and tough. Sesame Oil molecules absorb quickly through the skin, into the tissue to stop inflammatory processes, make skin look and feel youthful, soft and resilient.

Organic Sesame Seed Oil is a natural product with many therapeutic qualities, which have been the subject of learned medical journal reports:

  • It is significantly more effective than salt water in treating dry nasal membranes
  • It is extremely effective in killing bacteria causing gingivitis
  • In vitro it stopped the growth of malignant melanoma cells
  • In vitro it stopped the growth of human colon cancer cells
  • It contains oleic acid, an effective reducer of serum cholesterol
  • Ayurveda physicians use it to cure sinusitis and other conditions

Nutritional Value of Sesame Seeds
Contain a high and unique protein composition making them a nearly 
   perfect food.

- Contain extraordinary quantities of methionine and tryptophan, amino acids 
  missing from most other vegetable protein sources that are important for healthy 
  liver and kidneys.

- Contains amino-fats which is needed by the neural impulses transmission 
  substance that is closely related to memory power.

- Contain very good vitamin E and fatty acids, which improve blood circulation.  
  If vitamin E is absorbed continuously in daily food consumption, there will be less 
  white hair, the skin will be smooth and the brain cells will be able to function alertly.

- Contain calcium, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin B and iron. Calcium is highly 
  effective for calming nerves.

- Contain No Cholesterol!

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