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 Aroma Candle Gel  เทียนแบบเจลสำหรับทำเทียนเจลหอมอโรม่า/เทียนเจลประดับ


Section 6.  EMBEDS

It is critically important that only non-flammable items be used as decorative embeds in gel candles!  Items such as seashells, glass figures or marbles, sea glass, stones, ceramic figures and wax embeds are fine in gel candles.  Items such as cinnamon sticks, silk flowers, plastic figures, some resin figures, potpourri, dried fruit, etc. are NOT safe to put in gel candles!
Sand is often used in the bottom of the popular seascape gel candles, but it is important to remember to stop burning seascapes BEFORE the flame hits the sand at the bottom!  We encourage the use of a wick safety sleeve or "Flame Stopper".  This can be any small metal tube (jewelry supply shops should have something similar) that fits over the wick and slides down to the point where you want the flame to stop, and then is crimped with pliers.  (Bitter Creek is in the process of having these developed and will carry them in the near future!).  It is still important to label your product with instructions on proper use, and make sure to tell your customers how to burn their candles safely, but remember that many times (unfortunately) people don't take the time to read caution labels or instructions, and they don't take our warnings seriously.  So we have to be responsible candlemakers and take steps to ensure the safest products possible for everyone's benefit!

Another safety method is "double glassing".  This involves using a large container (such as a fish bowl) and placing a smaller clear glass container inside (such as a standard 3 oz. straight sided votive glass).  Place your decorative embed items or beach scene in the outer bowl around the votive glass, and fill with clear unscented gel.  Wick the inner glass and fill that with your scented gel.  The inner glass keeps the candle contained and keeps the flame from ever coming in contact with the decorative embeds, thus making a safe and refillable candle!  Customers can bring these back for refills, or you can make pre-scented gel chunks and package them in a baggy with a wick and sell as do-it-yourself refills!

Gel Wax is made from a specially selected and processed mineral oil and a gelling agent, giving it a clear, rubbery texture. Gel Wax should be melted slowly in a pot on a low heat. For less bubbles heat to 90° - 98°C (200° - 210°F). Heat to 76°-88°C (170°-190°F) for more bubbles. THIS MUST BE SUPERVISED AT ALL TIMES! Always use a thermometer to ensure safety and a good end product, and do not use wooden untensils to stir with (metal is recommended). Use oil based scents only, not alcohol based. Use a zinc core or predipped Wick & Tab wick - do not use cotton wick. Use approxamitely one size larger wick than you would in paraffin wax. Microwaving is not recommended for this product.

Section 3.  DYES

Most people use liquid candle dyes in gel because you want to maintain the gel's translucency.  It takes very little dye to tint the gel, so be careful... you can easily overdo it!  When making small batches and trying to get a very light tint.  I suggest taking a toothpick and dipping the tip of it into the liquid dye, and then swirl it into the gel in tiny amounts until you get the color you want.  It really does require that little!  Sometimes even 1 full drop can be too much!  

Solid forms of dye in a wax base, such as blocks, chips, buds or flakes, may cloud your gel.   Some people do use block dyes but only in very tiny amounts, just a thin scraping is enough.  Powdered dyes can also be used in very small amounts.  Do not use crayons, Rit clothing dye, food coloring, or soap dyes!  These are not made for candles and will not burn properly.


Gel Candle Formula / สูตรและขั้นตอนการทำเทียนเจลแบบแฟนซี
Learn how to make your own candle gel from scratch. It's super easy and can save you a bundle.

inst.jpg (6979 bytes) STEP #1 You will only need a few simple tools, of which all can usually be found in your kitchen. A metal spoon, a scale, a measuring cup, and a crock pot with a thermostat or a stovetop pan and a thermometer.
STEP #2 Ingredients: Mineral Oil, CP9000 Resin, Wick and base,  Fragrance and color. (optional). Measure ingredients as follows. 2 Fluid Cups mineral oil, 25 Grams   CP9000 Resin. Mix and allow to set at room temperature for 1 hour, stirring occasionally measure.jpg (7770 bytes)
mix.jpg (6214 bytes) STEP #3 Begin heating ingredients slowly bringing to 200-210 degrees F and hold at this temp for 1 hours or until the gel is completely smooth flowing. The consistency of corn syrup.
STEP #4 Be sure to never let the temperature exceed 230 degrees as this may scorch the gel. If gel does scorch it is worthless and no amount of fragrance can save it. Give up and start over. temp.jpg (10445 bytes)
stir.jpg (4928 bytes) STEP #5 Stir the mixture often while cooking to to assure proper mixture. If you don't have a crock pot be sure to watch your temp on a thermometer. The gel may smoke slightly during the process, this is not a cause for alarm unless smoke is excessive.
STEP #6 Just before you are ready  to pour add fragrance to suit (do not exceed 3%) as this will lower your flash point to an unsafe level. Color should be added now if desired. frag.jpg (6170 bytes)
wick.jpg (4948 bytes) STEP #7 Dip wick base in the gel yjen place in bottom of container and hold for a few seconds to allow gel to adhere to the glass. This will hold your wick in place during pouring.
STEP #8 Pouring the gel is a breeze. You can get different effects from different pouring temps.   180-190F  lots of bubbles 190-200F few large bubbles 200-210F almost no bubbles 210-220F Bubble Free. ( to insure bubble free candles preheat glass for 10 minutes in preheated oven at 150F pour2.jpg (8481 bytes)
cherry.jpg (8970 bytes) STEP #9 To embed objects wait 2-5 minutes after pouring and drop into place. Only use glass or ceramic nonflammable objects. Marbles work great aquarium rocks. We know that you guys are creative, that's while your here at the largest craftstore on earth. 
Here's your masterpiece. It's really a breeze. Everything that you need right here at Craft Express. finished.jpg (8394 bytes)

Beer Gel Candle Project
Learn how to make your own realistic beer candle with gel. A fun and
 easy project.

itemsyouneedpic2.jpg (4778 bytes) Materials You will need: a beer mug, 8oz. of gel, 3-4 oz. paraffin wax, yellow and caramel oil based candle dye,1/4 oz. oil based candle fragrance of your choice, pre-tabbed wick, candy thermometer, large stirring spoon, ladle, measuring spoon, fork, hot melt glue gun, melting pot and a scale.
STEP #1 Melt the gel in the melting pot set on about 200 degrees (use the candy thermometer to insure that the gel does not exceed 225 degrees. meltinggelfin.jpg (4455 bytes)
gluethewickfin.jpg (2662 bytes) STEP #2 Put a small amount of hot melt glue on the bottom of the wick tab and secure it to the bottom of the beer mug.
STEP #3 Add a SMALL amount of yellow dye (just a few drops).   Stir gently. yellowfin.jpg (4554 bytes)
caramelfin.jpg (4088 bytes) STEP #4 Add a SMALL amount of caramel dye (just a few drops). Stir gently.  Make sure the mixture is the color of beer.  When the gel temperature is about 190 degrees, add one teaspoon of fragrance (optional) and stir gently.
STEP #5  Use your ladle to slowly pour the gel into the beer mug. pourthegelfin.jpg (4939 bytes)
stabalizewickfin.jpg (4669 bytes) STEP #6 Wrap the wick around a pencil to stabalize it while the gel cools.
STEP #7 Dispose of the left over "beer gel" and melt the paraffin, then let it cool. meltwaxfin.jpg (4349 bytes)
whipwithforkfin.jpg (4688 bytes) STEP #8 Once a skin has formed on the wax, begin whipping it with a fork until it has a "frothy" appearance. 
STEP #9  Place the "froth" on top of the cooled "beer gel". putwaxongelfin.jpg (4151 bytes)
cutwickfin.jpg (4139 bytes) STEP #10  Trim the wick
That's it!!  You just made the perfect Party-Time candle!!

You can find all the supplies you need for this project right here at Craft Express!!

alldonefin.jpg (3711 bytes)


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